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Luke Clayton invites you to his camp to talk about the great outdoors.   Every Saturday morning, during Western Swing and Other Things, he'll be telling hunting and fishing stories, and a whole lot more.  You'll learn how to make sausage, cook over a campfire, get some wild game recipes, as well as inside tips on how you can become a more successful outdoorsman. 

Luke Clayton

Luke Clayton grew up in northeast Texas and is addicted to everything outdoors. Luke’s passion is bow hunting, but he also enjoys shooting and hunting with big bore air rifles, and fishing for everything from Northern Pike to catfish.  

He currently writes a weekly newspaper column that appears in over thirty newspapers and several regional publications.

Luke is on the pro staff and media advisor for Darton Archery, Smokin Tex Electric Smokers, and Airforce Air Guns.  

His new book, Kill to Grill was recently published.  He's also the author of  the book, "Hunting and Fishing Texas." You can also find more information about his books and listen to his weekly hour-long radio show at www.catfishradio.com

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Luke Clayton

More than 50,ooo people from across the globe streamed into the Dallas Convention Center last weekend to attend the granddaddy of all outdoor expos reports KERA News. The Dallas Safari Club's Annual Convention is a place you can find smokers, custom boots, leather cell phone cases, electric buggies, four-wheelers, insulated deer blinds, taxidermy services, hunting trips, guns, and High Plains Outdoors' Luke Clayton. Luke says you need a couple days and a good GPS to find your way around. He...

Luke Clayton

Hello Folks! The last buck of the season brought a big surprise to this ole boy. I was set up in my ground blind, the last day of deer season, the last hours of the day, when movement caught my eye. And, there was a big ole tom bobcat. I thought he'd just look around, and then go on his way, but the rascal headed right for the door of my blind. He was about six feet away when I shut the door. There simply was not enough room for ole Luke and that cat in the blind. That really got me going! I...


Howdy, Folks! This week I'm cooking rabbit and divulging one of my recipes for making crisyy fried rabbit and... smothered rabbit with mushroom gravy. In recent years, many newcomers to the sport of hunting have concentrated on big game but small game such as rabbit and squirrel are excellent eating and provide a very challenging hunting experience. I'll be back next week with more hunting and fishing, and until then... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Howdy, Folks, ole Luke here has a special guest sharing secrets today. Cleon Carraway. You might remember Cleon, he's a the guy who makes his own calls. He's giving us tips about setting up, and a demonstration on successful calling. Take a listen, and I'll be back next week with more hunting and fishing stories.

Luke Clayton

This week Luke travels out to far west Texas to hunt whitetail deer with his friend Steven Ray, maker of Rattling Forks ( www.rattlingforks.com ) and another great friend, Brad Fenson, a well known outdoors writer from Alberta. During the hunt, Steven rattled in many bucks and Brad was lucky enough to harvest a rare piebald buck (see picture). Luke is a happy camper also, he used his Darton Toxin Crossbow to take a heavy buck and doe. Listen to parts of this hunt as they developed!

Luke Clayton

Howdy, Folks! This week, I'm coming to you from the front porch of my little cabin. You know, hunting with crossbows has become very popular the past few years as more and more states allow the use of crossbows during the general archery season. Take a listen, I'd like to talk with you a bit about crossbow history and also shares some safety tips and generally introduce new shooters to this exciting method of hunting that dates back at least 2,000 years before Christ.


Each year about this time, for the past 26 years, I have compiled a list of gift ideas for outdoor folks. As a full time outdoors writer and radio show host, I have the opportunity to review and put to use a great number of useful products. Some I consider a “must have” for any sportsman, others seem to wind up out in my storage building, never to be used again. Here are a few outdoor items, some costing a few dollars and others costing a few hundred that I use on a regular basis and highly...

Luke Clayton

Howdy, Folks! Today, I've been reflecting on what a treasure the outdoors is, and how the tradition needs to be passed on to the next generation so they will appreciate it as we do. Take a listen, and then give yourself a little time to think about what you could do to teach someone how dear you hold the great outdoors.

Real Men Cook

Nov 13, 2015

Both hosts of High Plains Outdoors, Larry and Luke, relish spending time in the wide, untamed spaces hunting and fishing, but for these two men, it's not simply about a successful hunt, it's about cooking what you bring into camp.

Sharon Davis

I wait for deer season like a kid waits for Christmas. November just doesn't come soon enough for me, and this season has me feeling a little melancholy. I'm over 60, and when I think about my favorite deer hunts, the first one that comes to mind is a trip to North Dakota. I didn't shoot a thing, but the outdoor experience was breathtaking. Of course, Cindee couldn't let a show about recollections go by without reminding me one of her favorite deer hunting stories was when Larry Weishuhn and...

Luke Clayton

On this week's show, I'm making chicken fried wild pork cutlets for a couple buddies coming over. Take a listen, and give it try!

Luke Clayton

My wife and I are making the annual trek to Galveston Bay for some fishing. This year it's about red fish and trout. I'm going out with Captain Mark Gonzales, he's with Captain Mike's Galveston Fishing Guides . I'm sending you this audio postcard for a little taste of the great time I'm having, although I'm telling you, it's not as good as the red fish with lemon and butter I'm grilling for supper tonight. Stay tuned. Next week I'll have another adventure!


Well Folks, Today it's all about setting up to hunt whitetail deer in the geographic center of the United States- Lebanon, Kansas. We just finished up our elk hunting in Colorado, and on the way back to Texas, made a loop to stop by my buddy's farm to get ready to take a big grain-fed deer. The deer in northern Kansas are much bigger than the ones down in Texas. My friend, Mark Balette and I have seen some pretty good deer sign, so I think our blinds are placed well. We've got some mobile...

Luke Clayton

Well, folks this is the last installment from Elk Camp for this year. I'm sending you this last post card on a rainy morning from inside our guide "hut" which is actually a cattle trailer we've partitioned into three separate living areas for the three of us guides. Before you get to feeling too sorry for ole' Luke, it's warm, dry, and it's off the ground, and that's way better than an old tent. Our hunters stay in a nice little cabin about 60 yards away. It's been a good season. We've had...

Luke Clayton

It's Elk Camp season, and I'm in the Rockies with the crew. I'll be sending you audio postcards. This show we're getting settled in, you'll hear from the ramrod of our outfit, and my partner Larry Large. It's going to be a great time. Listen to the audio, and enjoy the sounds of Elk Camp in the Rockies.

Luke Clayton

Most readers of the outdoor press have read newspapers and magazine articles written by Bob Hood. Bob was a very active outdoors writer for close to half a century. He was one of my best friends and we hunted and fished together often and shared story ideas, pictures and the experiences of spending time together in the outdoors from the brush country of Mexico to the Rocky Mountains. Bob’s passing was not sudden, we all knew it was coming but that didn’t make loosing a best friend any easier....

Luke Clayton

Another of my favorite recipes for wild pork is what I call “smothered” pork steaks. This is pretty basic country looking but is it ever mouth-watering good! If the ham steaks I am using are from a larger hog, I use my meat tenderizer but with the slow cooking method, even the tougher cuts of meat usually become fork tender. I sometimes use steaks from the back straps and these require no tenderizing other than a little time in the skillet.

Wild Hog Mexican Stew

Aug 21, 2015

Well, hello Folks! This week, I'm sharing one of my cooler weather recipes. Fall's coming on, and if you have wild pork in your freezer, this is the perfect use. If not, this is still the best fall stew you'll ever have. As in most of my cooking, I seldom add exact quantities of any of the ingredients.


Today, I'm sharing a recipe from my book, Kill to Grill . It's a variation of a dish my grandma and mom used to make. I modified it to take less time, but still taste just as wonderful!

Luke Clayton

Howdy, Folks! Here's my view this morning. As I sit here, waiting for the feeder to bring the fish to this corner of my pond, my thoughts are running to how I got to this place in my life. Why is my life about the outdoors? The answer came to me relaxing on this dock. Being outdoors gives me space to think. There's a tranquility I can't find anywhere else. Take a listen, you'll hear the crickets, the birds, the peacefulness of it all. I'm encouraging you to spend a little time in the stillness of the country, away from people, traffic, and noise before summer's over. You might discover something about yourself you never took time to find. Until next time, enjoy the great outdoors.

Luke Clayton

Howdy folks! It seems hard to believe that I was just fishing for Northern Pike in the land of the midnight sun, and now I'm thousands of miles south with the grandsons on a fishing trip in Galveston Bay. I'm fishing with the crew of Captain Mike Williams. You might remember Mike, we went shark fishing with him last year. He owns Galveston Fishing Guides . This is the closest salt water for most of us, and I tell you, if you could an opportunity, head on down to the bay and do some fishing... and take the family. You'll be glad you did.

Phil Zimmerman

In last week’s column we visited about my recent five-day fishing trip with Cree River Lodge to the remote waters of northern Saskatchewan. This week, I’d like to recreate a typical day up there, if there is such a thing as “typical” in the most awesome part of the world. Since there is no real darkness this time of year this far north, getting on the water at “first light” is impossible. It’s always light! We headed out to fish each morning at 8:00 and many of the folks at the lodge slept...

North to Canada!

Jul 3, 2015
Luke Clayton

My longing to spend time in what I call the “North Country” began when I was a youngster reading accounts of hunting and fishing trips in Canada. This past week, thanks to the organizational skills of my friends Canadian outdoors writer Brad Fenson, Pat Babcock, owner of Cree River Lodge and the Saskatchewan Department of Tourism , my lifelong dream came to be. The fishing and scenery in this wild country was everything I had hoped it to be and… more! I am always amazed at how quickly one can...

Luke Clayton

Howdy Folks! Hop in the truck with me. This week I'm taking you on a wild hog hunting adventure with Billy Kilpatrick and Terry Tate. Billy and I are headed down to Terry's. We're hoping Billy will be successful with one of Terry's big bore rifles.

Luke Clayton

Well, howdy there folks! It's big bass time on Lake Fork in East Texas. As a matter of face, it's not just big bass time, but it's trophy bass time! This week, I'm talking with guide Seth Vanover about the most effective method of catching trophy largemouth bass. Seth has perfected his method of catch and release. He has Lake Fork Cat and Crappie .

It takes a flood

May 29, 2015
Luke Clayton

This time last year, we were in the midst of a drought that seemed to be unending. Week after week, we watched our lake levels drop steadily. The outlook for ground nesting birds such as wild turkey and quail seemed bleak. Moisture is important for a good hatch and possibly even more necessary for the survival of young birds. Last year, there was very little ground cover in many areas to conceal newly hatched birds. Our stock ponds which often serve as private fishing hotspots were drying up....


Cindee called me asking how to use up the frozen venison in her freezer. I had a solution she hadn't thought of. As a matter of fact, I made some BBQ venison in my smoker over the weekend, and here's how I cook it.

Pond Boss

Just a matter of a few short months ago, many farm ponds and private fishing lakes were almost void of water, thanks to several years of sparse rainfall. I live a short distance from some old gravel pits that a few friends and I lease for fishing. I remember five or six years ago, I could launch a my 14-foot aluminum boat and use an electric trolling motor to push me to the very back of the farthest pond, a distance of at least a quarter mile. The fishing lease consists of several deeper pits...

Luke Clayton

Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover eased his comfortable guide boat up to a stick up in the back of a cove and secured the craft with a looped bow rope. The area had been deluged with a heavy rain the night before and the lake was on a welcome rise. We were fishing during the calm between two spring thunderstorms. The rising water had undulated shoreline grass introducing worms, crawfish and all sorts of insects into the food chain. This was classis text book spring time catfish waters if ever I’d...


Howdy Folks! I tell you what, I have just had a conversation with Milo Hanson about the day he shot his world record whitetail buck. I feel like I've just been on the set of The Red Green Show . Milo is from Biggar, Saskatchewan. He tells the story of that day better than any radio theater. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, lean back, and listen to Milo. The official stats about Milo's world record can be found on the Boone and Crockett Club website .