Saturday at 1 pm Central on HPPR

Songbirds brings you the best in acoustic rhythm every Saturday at 1 p.m., with a focus on raw sounds steeped in tradition (and rarely plugged in). Tune in for a wide range of old and new folk, Americana, singer/songwriters, bluegrass, and historical hymns. We highlight artists working from an acoustic core, featuring guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, ukulele, upright bass, accordion, harmonica, piano and more. The show will highlight a host of emerging artists taking the folk scene further, while paying homage to traditional tunes that have always been the heart of the genre.

This week on Songbirds,  host Valarie Smith shares the peculiar way she was introduced to the music of Patty Griffin.  Enjoy a little spoken word about stepping stones, right before we sink like a stone to The Bottom of the Sea with Sean McConnell.   We'll join Anais Mitchell with Why We Build The Wall and welcome the music of Martin Gilmore to the HPPR airwaves.   All that and much more this week on Songbirds, Saturdays at 1.

High Plains Public Radio is thrilled to announce TWO NEW MUSIC SHOWS highlighting the best in folk, roots, acoustic, Americana and more—and they're BOTH hosted by regional DJs, born and raised on the High Plains! Don't forget to tune in THIS SATURDAY and catch HPPR's exclusive new programs, Songbirds and What the Folk?