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Texas county elections are coming up, and just in time for the primaries, The Canadian Record has given us a helpful overview of how county politics work. The actions of counties, unlike cities, are limited by laws passed by the state legislature. The commissioners court is the heart of each county.

In each Texas county, this court consist of four precinct commissioners and a county judge. The court is in charge of the county’s budget and tax rate, as well as all county purchases.

Canadian, Texas: Residents Vote to Stay Dry

Nov 8, 2013

Canadian will remain dry.  The majority voters in Tuesday’s election cast ballots opposing the legalization of local liquor sales according to The Amarillo Globe-News.  

Railroad Town

Aug 15, 2012

In out regional history, many towns were founded or folded by the route of a railroad. Perhaps no town was more influenced by the rails than Canadian, Texas.