Charles Koch

New Koch Book Yields Few Political Secrets

Oct 22, 2015
Bo Rader / Wichita Eagle

Readers who open Charles Koch’s second book hoping to find information about the CEO’s extensive political operation will be disappointed, reports The Wichita Eagle. Koch, along with his brother David, is one of the Republican party’s biggest donors and most powerful behind-the-scenes influencers. The Koch brothers’ efforts to impact elections nationwide have been the subject of much chatter among politicos and pundits.

Examining the Kochtopus

Jun 15, 2014
Brett Ryder /

Koch Industries is one of the great success stories of American business.  The oil, gas and commodities conglomerate is based in Wichita.  It employs more than 100,000 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of about $115 billion.  It’s also one of the most unusual companies in its management techniques, enthusiasm for political activism, as well as the intensity of its family feuds according to a recent article in the Economist about a new book, “Sons of Wichita,” by Daniel Schulman.

A southwest Kansas lawmaker says there is no debate about renewable energy standards according to a recent article from the Kansas City Star

Charles Koch and the Texas Public Policy Foundation are narrowing their focus to city government.