food processing

Food Processing
8:00 pm
Sun November 10, 2013

Cargill Will Include Beef Binder in Label


Cargill recently announced that it will begin labeling packages of ground beef containing what is colloquially known as pink slime according to The New York Times.  

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Food Regulation
8:00 pm
Tue October 1, 2013

Under Oklahoma Legislative Review: The Illegality of Delivering and Advertising Raw Milk


It’s illegal in Oklahoma to deliver or advertise raw milk, and a growing number of Oklahomans are choosing raw milk.  The increased demand has prompted an interim legislative impact study on the legalization of raw milk delivery and advertising according to State Impact Oklahoma.

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10:04 am
Fri July 5, 2013

Hereford Beef Plant Fined for Safety Violations

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OSHA inspection reveals plant failed to protect workers.
Caviness Beef Packing Ltd. in Hereford received 25 safety violations and faces $120,000 in fines after a January inspection by the Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, according to an OSHA inspection report.Most of the violations were serious, meaning there is a significant probability death or serious harm could result from the hazard, according to the Department of Labor.