Governor Sam Brownback

Making KS redder
8:00 pm
Sun February 16, 2014

Brownback asserts a “Kansas Purpose” in NYT interview

Credit Kansas Office of the Governor

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is quoted as avowedly pursuing “a strategy that builds a strong state in the future on the red state model,” in a recent New York Times article on his administration to date.  According to the article, Brownback has delivered on his promise of a “conservative revolution” but the results and benefits to the state aren’t yet clear. 

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Kansas State Government
8:00 pm
Wed January 29, 2014

Brownback pushes for all-day kindergarten

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback visited Roesland Elementary School in Roeland Park recently to promote his plan to fund all-day kindergarten programs. Kindergartener Wren Hillburn is cutting out a Kansas Jayhawk, and Aidan Dulya, left, watches. Shawnee Mission is one of 20 districts in the state that charge for full-day kindergarten.
Credit RICH SUGG / The Kansas City Star

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wants to fully fund all-day kindergarten.  Brownback proposes spending $80 million for the nearly 40,000 children across the state.  He calls it a strategic investment to ensure children are better positioned to succeed in school. 

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Kansas education funding
4:49 am
Wed December 18, 2013

All-day kindergarten funding may be common ground

Parent's tea party in a kindergarten classroom
Credit Quentin Hope

While the Kansas legislature and local school districts may be at odds over school funding, there may be common ground in a proposal to fund full-day kindergarten, according to a story from the Wichita Eagle.  The state now funds only half-days.

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