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Environmental Regulations
8:00 pm
Fri July 4, 2014

Texas: Both sides claim greenhouse ruling a victory

New EPA regulations would place new restrictions on coal-burning power plants, a major source in Texas for greenhouse gases
Credit DAVE FEHLING / StateImpact Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled on how much latitude the federal government has to regulate facilities that emit greenhouse gases.  Texas environmentalists who want more regulation and Texas state official who want less both say the ruling was a victory reported Dave Fehling for StateImpact Texas.

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Energy, Politics & Environment
5:00 am
Tue February 11, 2014

Anti-regulation politics affects the energy industry in Texas

A natural gas compressor station located near La Grange, Texas.
Credit Spencer Selvidge / Texas Tribune

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state agency responsible for issuing permits for greenhouse gas emissions in the state, has refused to issue the permits until recently, leaving industry in the state in a difficult position.

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EPA asks for input
8:01 pm
Wed January 29, 2014

Texas regulators weigh in on proposed greenhouse gas rules

Texas power plant
Credit Andrea Parker / Cory Maluski / The Texas Tribune

President Obama instructed the Environmental Protection Agency to revise greenhouse gas limits for existing power plants.  The suggested changes are to be proposed by June 2015, and Texas regulators have already weighed in according to The Texas Tribune.

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