Springfield, Colorado
8:00 pm
Tue May 20, 2014

SE Colorado hemp farmer secures commercial agreement

Ryan Loflin works in his hemp field near Springfield, Colorado.
Credit hcn.org

Rocky Mountain Hemp has entered into a commercial agreement with Cannabis Therapy Corp. to provide an exclusive land lease and crop services according to a recent press release in the Wall Street Journal.

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Legal for 16 years
9:06 am
Fri May 16, 2014

Canada feeding the American appetite for hemp

Hemp seed products are now widely available in leading grocery and warehouse food stores thanks to vertically integrated producers such as Manitoba Harvest that handles the product from plants in the field to ready-to-eat products on the store shelf.
Quentin Hope / HPPR

The U.S. market for foods and beauty products that contain hemp is growing, but American manufacturers that use hemp have their hands tied. The crop is still illegal to cultivate, according to federal laws, which means the current American hemp industry, estimated at $500 million per year, runs on foreign hemp.

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Still a murky field
8:01 pm
Tue May 13, 2014

Hemp growing returns after 44 year ban

At Centennial Seeds in Lafayette, Colo., Ben Holmes is testing hemp varieties. Holmes made his name distributing and breeding strains of medical and recreational marijuana, but recently has become a prominent figure in Colorado’s fledgling hemp industry.
Luke Runyon/Harvest Public Media

A handful of farmers are set to plant the country’s first hemp crop in decades, despite federal regulations that tightly restrict the plant’s cultivation.

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Controlled substance or cash crop?
7:23 pm
Sun May 11, 2014

A hemp growing ‚Äúrevolution‚ÄĚ coming to agriculture?

Front cover of Doug Fine's recently released book predicting an agricultural revolution from hemp growing.
Credit http://dougfine.com/books/hemp-bound/

Hear Luke's interview with author Doug Fine

The farm bill passed earlier this year is big news for advocates of hemp. New rules differentiate industrial hemp from its cousin, marijuana, and pave the way for research on the plant.  Hemp is still considered a controlled substance by federal regulators. But some states are giving farmers the chance to experiment.

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8:00 pm
Fri December 6, 2013

The Rules are Ready for Hemp Farming in Colorado

Ryan Loflin harvests hemp
Credit Hemp Industries Association

Colorado is getting ready for the legal sale of recreational marijuana the first of the year, and also preparing for the second part of Amendment 64‚ÄĒ the legal growth and production of hemp.¬†

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8:00 pm
Thu October 3, 2013

Southeastern Colorado Farmer Has First Hemp Harvest

Ryan Loflin stands in his hemp field
Credit Hemp Industries Association

The first known hemp harvest in more than fifty years began this month in southeastern Colorado according to Denver Westward Blogs.

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