Kansas health statistics

Topeka Capital-Journal

National rankings that show the well-being of children in all fifty states have been released, and Kansas has fallen four slots, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal. While last year the state was ranked 15th, this year Kansas fell to 19th. The slip in the rankings came amid diminished performance on health and education assessments. Kansas children also showed stagnation on economic and family measures.

Kansas Continues to Struggle in Health Rankings

Dec 16, 2014
America's Health Rankings 2014 cover / kpr.org

New health rankings show Kansas stuck at 27 – the same slot that it occupied last year. But Kansas Public Radios’s Bryan Thompson reports there was a time – not that long ago – when the state ranked much higher than the middle of the pack.


Kansas: Breaking Health Down by the Numbers

Aug 4, 2013

The Kansas Health Institute put together a view of the state of the state’s health by the numbers.