Harvest Public Media story
5:36 pm
Sun January 12, 2014

USDA one step closer to approving new Roundup resistant crops


New herbicide-resistant corn and soybeans are a step closer to reaching farm fields in the U.S. They would help farmers control weeds that are no longer killed by the popular herbicide, Roundup.

Roundup resistant crops dominate corn, soybean and cotton production in the U.S. But the list of weeds that have evolved to withstand Roundup is growing, and as a result, farmers are using more chemicals to keep up.

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Harvest Public Media story
8:00 pm
Sun December 15, 2013

RNAi corn entering the rootworm chase

Southern Corn Rootworm also called spotted cucumber beetle

With rootworms building resistance to genetically modified corn that makes its own pesticide, seed companies are working on new crops that target the insects’ genes. But some worry about unintended consequences when the technology moves from the lab to the field.

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Monsanto moves farming technology forward
8:00 pm
Sun October 6, 2013

Big Ag and Big Data: A Match Made In Heaven?

Looking at data like historic rainfall and soil quality to help farmers predict crop yields can create what one Monsanto executive called “the next level of agriculture.”
Credit Matthew Staver / New York Times

Ag giant Monsanto recently purchased the Climate Corporation according to a recent blog in the New York Times

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