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6:49 am
Mon October 28, 2013

Rare Bird Conservation Plan Approved by Feds

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The federal government officially endorses a conservation plan, known as the Range Wide Plan, an unlikely partnership between those who might compromise the grassland habitat of the prairie chicken and landowners.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has put its stamp of approval on a plan that Texas and four other states have worked on for years to protect the lesser prairie chicken, a rare bird whose future has been threatened by economic development - especially oil and gas drilling - in West Texas and the Panhandle.
Harvest Public Media story
7:22 pm
Wed July 24, 2013

Prairie plants help restore farmland soil

Seth Watkins says this pond was cloudy from sediment runoff until he cleared cedar trees and scrub brush from an adjacent patch of prairie. With the long roots of the grasses holding soil and trapping nutrients, the pond cleared up.
Credit Amy Mayer/Harvest Public Media

The world’s soil is in trouble, even in the fertile Midwest. Some experts warn that if degradation continues unchecked, topsoil could be gone in 60 years. That has implications for agriculture and the broader environment.

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Play Country Episode
8:01 pm
Mon April 15, 2013

Conservation Easements and Land Trust Organizations

Credit Ducks Unlimited

More than half of western Great Plains farmers are near retirement age. Many are considering conservation easements as a way of protecting the land from development and subdivision long after they're gone. The federal government, through USDA programs, negotiate easements on land meeting conservation requirements. Other organizations - Land Trusts - have been created specifically for contracting with landowners to quell future development rights to the land. This episode the functions of land trusts and what they're able to accomplish. This story is part one of a four-part series on Conservation Easements. It originally aired on HPPR April 16, 2013

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Playa Country Episode
8:01 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

The Benefits of Burning

Prescribed Burning
Credit Heartland Conservation Services

Native Americans used fire to manage rangeland for thousands of years, but a 100-year burning hiatus followed settlement by Europeans of the North American heartland. Those decades of fire suppression allowed invasive plants to negatively alter the landscape.

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