small business

Prairie Ramblings Episode
8:01 pm
Fri January 31, 2014

Small business creativity is alive and well on the high plains

Dog grooming hits the road

City dwellers take for granted easy access to services. With strip malls in urban areas sprouting like weeds in a wet summer, finding a groomer and pet care is as easy as taking a drive around a section is for me. During that four-mile drive in a city, people have to choose which business to support. In small prairie towns on two-lane highways where customers are in short supply, it requires ingenuity to figure out how to meet people’s needs and make a buck at the same time.

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Kansas State Government
8:00 pm
Wed January 15, 2014

Kansas Business Owners Say Taxes are Too High Despite Cuts


Gov. Sam Brownback says Kansas has the best tax environment in the nation for small businesses, however 57% of business owners say state and local taxes are too high despite state tax cuts reported Bryan Lowry for the Wichita Eagle.

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