Stauth Museum

Two exhibits on until Sept 1
8:00 pm
Wed August 7, 2013

Immigration stories, caricatures and stereotypes at the Stauth Museum

"Welcome to All!" (Puck, April 28, 1880) This cartoon reflects the welcome extended to immigrants of the 1880s and America as a land of refuge. The sign to the left of Uncle Sam reads: "Free education, free land, free speech, free ballot, free lunch."
Artist: J. Keppler Michigan State University Museum, Appel Collection

Two traveling exhibits, one featuring personal stories of Kanas’ immigration history and the other the role of caricature and stereotype in forming American values and attitudes about immigration, are now on exhibit at the Stauth Memorial Museum in Montezuma KS.  As part of the exhibition, a presentation and discussion on “Ethnic Labor and Small Towns on the Rock Island Rail Line” will be led by M.J.

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High Plains History Episode
8:01 pm
Tue November 20, 2012

Smithsonian on the Kansas Prairie

After a visit to the Stauth Museum in Montezuma, Kansas, you'll feel like a world traveler.  The museum is filled with art and artifacts from around the globe. Throughout the year it also showcases local art and culture and hosts numerous programs, lectures, or exhibits for area school children.  Since the building is constructed to Smithsonian Institute regulations, is often hosts traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian in Washington DC.