University of Texas at Austin

Texas State Government
8:00 pm
Mon October 21, 2013

Politics: Do Texans Care?

A recent study by the Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life at the University of Texas at Austin revealed that in 2010, Texas voters don’t vote.  As a matter of fact, according to the Amarillo Globe-News, voter turnout in the state of Texas is the worst in the nation.    

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UT Studies Methane Leaks
8:00 pm
Tue October 15, 2013

University of Texas Fracking Study: Results and Politics

Oil fields in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico, an Apache Energy site where wells were drilled in February last year.
Credit Jim Wilson /

The University of Texas at Austin has been measuring how much methane leaks from natural gas production sites after hydraulic fracturing.  Advocates on both sides of the fracking issue have been waiting for results to back their positions according to the Texas Tribune.

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