The economic website Wallethub recently asked some interesting questions about American tax-paying habits, and set out to find answers. Here are some results from the 2016 Wallethub Tax Survey. 11% of those surveyed would clean Chipotle toilets, and over a quarter would get an IRS tattoo, if it meant they could live in a tax-free future. Who do Americans like more than the IRS? 52% of us prefer Pope Francis. But 8% prefer OJ Simpson and one in 10 like Kanye West better than the federal tax-collection entity.


The economic website Wallethub recently asked an interesting political question: How do the credit scores of Americans affect the candidate they will vote for? The site asked people who they plan to vote for, what their credit score is and even how they stand on controversial issues such as climate change. Some of the findings: 60% of John Kasich’s supporters have good credit, the highest of any candidate. 26% of Hillary Clinton supporters have bad credit, the most of anyone in the race.


The average American household spends over $2,000 on real-estate property taxes each year. So, it should come as no surprise that almost $12 billion in property taxes go unpaid each year. The economic website Wallethub recently ranked states according to how high their real estate taxes are.

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American state capitals aren’t always the most exciting places in the nation. Often, these cities serve as seats of government, and not much more. Think Carson City, NV, or Charleston, WV. But the economic website Wallethub has found that many state capitals are, in fact, thriving—and they’re great places to live. The site has now ranked the best and worst state capitals to live in, and High Plains states did fairly well in the rankings.

In fact, Austin, Texas, is listed as the most livable state capital in the country, and Lincoln, Nebraska, came in second. Colorado cracked the top 15, with Denver coming in at number 13. Topeka had a decent showing, landing at number 20, just ahead of Oklahoma City at number 21.

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The economic website Wallethub has published its list of the best and worst US states for women to live in. Analysts compared states across 15 key metrics, ranging from median earnings to “women’s preventive health care” to the number of uninsured female women in the state.

A List of the Most and Least Efficient States

Oct 12, 2015
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The website wallethub.com has published a list of America’s most and least energy efficient states. The site measured the efficiency of car- and home-energy consumption in the continental US. Researchers took into account both home and car efficiency.


Amarillo ranks the 14th best city to start a business said a recent article in the Amarillo Globe-News.