Underwriting & Community Sponsorship

Become an Underwriter on HPPR

Underwriters are businesses and individuals who strongly support a certain aspect of our operation — usually a specific program — and to show it, they provide funds for that program. We enjoy thanking our underwriters on the air, and encourage you to thank them too. If an HPPR underwriter supports one of your favorite programs, tell him or her how much you appreciate it.

Benefits of being an HPPR underwriter

When you become an HPPR underwriter, you join a distinguished group of local and national businesses and organizations. These businesses and organizations benefit substantially by gaining:

  • Direct access to a concentrated, affluent audience of consumer and business decision makers.
  • Name recognition among professionals and business leaders likely to be interested in your products and services.
  • Appreciation from your customers, peers and HPPR listeners who will recognize your commitment to the community and your support of a well respected public service.

HPPR's Underwriting Representatives can help you design a schedule of underwriting announcements that meets your financial, marketing and philanthropic needs. There are a variety of options available to underwriters ranging from rotating announcements to specific sponsorships and one-time promotions.To inquire further about becoming an underwriter please contact one of our Underwriting Representatives, based on your location:

  • In Texas contact: Rhonda Dittfurth at rdittfurth@hppr.org, (806) 367-9088, or (800) 678-7444.
  • In Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado contact: Barb Blevins at bblevins@hppr.org, (620) 275-7444, or (800) 678-7444.

Community Sponsorship

For information about becoming a Community Sponsor on any of HPPR's local stations, contact Barb Blevins at bblevins@hppr.org, (620) 275-7444, or (800) 678-7444.

Underwriting guidelines

A combination of Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) rules and High Plains Public Radio (HPPR) guidelines for underwriting ensure that underwriting messages heard on the air are clear, concise and considerate of listeners.