Pantex weapons program issues to be resolved

Jun 8, 2015
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Pantex will soon have safety issues resolved says a top official from the National Nuclear Security Administration. The two program-related issues were revealed during a Code Blue review by the NNSA. A code blue review is similar to a safety review. The two issues are not related. One problem was about ensuring proper documentation required was complete. The other was related to weapons shipping container safety. Frank Klotz is a NNSA Administrator. He says these aren’t a safely issue for the public or for Pantex employees. He says the concerns are because they are ultra-cautious about everything they do, and becaue of the type of work they do.

Two Pantex Plant nuclear weapons program-related issues should be resolved soon, a top National Nuclear Security Administration official said after visiting the Energy Department weapons plant.Last month, the NNSA ordered a "Code Blue" review-similar to a safety review- of two Pantex weapons programs, focusing on the B61 weapon program and the W80 weapon program.

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