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This month I've been sitting in on a different kind of college course. The class, led by West Texas A&M English professor Bonney MacDonald, consists of four hours of open discussion, Monday through Friday for two weeks.

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Texas’s controversial “Top 10 Percent” college admission rule could be in jeopardy when the state legislature meets again in 2017. Gov. Greg Abbott has called for changes to the law, reports The Texas Tribune. The legislation, as it stands now, promises automatic admission into any Texas public university for all students who finish in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating class.

  Jonna is a radio producer, documentarian, and media artist.  Her feature stories and audio documentaries have aired on WAMU, Marketplace, The World, Living on Earth, and Virginia Public Radio, among others.  She also produces nonfiction films and installations using ethnography, archival research, and collaboration as part of her process.  A Maryland native, Jonna is a graduate of Bowdoin College and holds an MFA from Duke University.

A new law aims to help the state of Colorado cut back on overdose deaths from illegal drugs, reports Colorado Public Radio. The bill was signed into law last Thursday by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Many overdose deaths occur because when a drug user overdoses, the user’s friends don’t always call the paramedics. That’s because they’re afraid they’ll be arrested for holding or consuming illegal drugs.

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We all learned it as kids: Old MacDonald has a farm and on that farm he has a cow that says “moo.” But why? Why do cows moo?

Whenever I’m out reporting in the field I can tell many ranchers have a powerful connection with their cattle – they can almost understand them. But researchers today are trying to figure out exactly what cows are saying.

Nearly 90 percent of Coloradans with Hepatitis C are not being treated, reports Colorado Public Radio. The lack of medical care is occurring despite the availability of medication. Hepatitis C is a chronic liver infection. It’s transmitted when a person comes into contact with infectious fluids and secretions from someone else who is already infected with the hepatitis C virus. That transmission often occurs through tainted IVs and IV drug use.

My grandmother called them flags, they've also been known as "poor man's orchids," but this flower is hardy and just right for growing on the High Plains.

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Last week was a rough week for Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. First, the governor was forced to slash another $97 million from the budget. Those cuts came on top of an additional $185 million diverted from highway funds. Brownback also had to delay a $100 million payment into Kanas public employees’ pension plans.

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The Oklahoma grand jury tasked with looking into the state's troubled executions released its report last week, and the contents were troubling. The study found that jail staff did not verify which drugs they were using for lethal injections before giving them to death row inmates. And after the wrong drugs were administered, staff remained in the dark about their mistake.

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Every spring farmers and ranchers intentionally burn their fields to jumpstart the natural process of renewal. But those fires can be dangerous. That’s why researchers in Nebraska are designing a new drone to start fires, which may help protect people and the environment.