ACLU issues travel warning after Texas passes “sanctuary city” law

May 10, 2017

Credit ACLU / Twitter

In the wake of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s signing of legislation making so-called “sanctuary cities” illegal, the American Civil Liberties Union this week issued a strongly worded “travel advisory” for those thinking of visiting the Lone Star State.

As The Hill reports, the advisory warns that potential travelers to Texas may encounter “illegal arrests,” “racial profiling,” and “demands to see your papers.”

In a separate advisory, the ACLU warned that “those traveling to the state of Texas should anticipate possible violations of their constitutional rights.”

The law, known as SB4, allows municipal police officers to ask the immigration status of anyone they detain, without arresting them. Critics insist that this will lead to police stopping and questioning citizens for no reason beyond their skin color.

The executive director of the ACLU has called the law “racist and wrongheaded.”