Child Support Workers Laid Off as Kansas Moves to Privatization

Jul 8, 2013

Credit Kansas Department for Children and Families

More than 200 workers in the Child Support Services
Division of the Kansas Department for Children and Families will be laid off by September 20, 2013, as the state moves to privatization of child support enforcement.  The Kansas Health Institute reported most of the affected workers are expected to accept positions with the contractor for their area.  Theresa Freed, spokesperson for the DCF says she is confident that everyone who wants a job will have one.  

Contracts were awarded last month to the following:

• YoungWilliams, $48.2 million, covering 23 of the state’s 31 judicial districts (70 counties);

• Lee Fisher, $3.2 million, for six judicial districts (33 counties).

• Veritas HHS, $8.7 million, for the 29th Judicial District (Wyandotte County);

• 18th Judicial District Court Trustee Office, $14.8 million, (Sedgwick County).


The contractors will assume the same state and federal funding streams as Kansas Department for Children and Families.  Western Kansas will be served by two contractors: YoungWilliams and Lee Fisher.