A Christmas Celtic Sojourn 2014: Thursday, Dec 25 at 8 pm CT

Dec 8, 2014

Every year, Celtic Sojourn host Brian O'Donovan assembles some of the best musicians, singers, and dancers imaginable from around the Celtic world, and beyond! With music director Seamus Egan returning, his ground-breaking group Solas will be back on stage as well. The virtuosity of Winifred Horan on fiddle, Mick McAuley from Kilkenny on accordion and guitar, and Eamon McElholm, from Co. Tyrone will be supplemented by a new percussionist Steve Holloway, and the returning stalwart, Chico Huff on Bass. Steve Hickman, who wowed the audience with his use of body percussion (hambone!), and fiddling in 2007 will return. And Maeve Gilchrist will bring her harp wizardry from her native Scotland as well as the new influences of her years at the Berklee College of music. This year, some of the distinctive music of Norway will also be incorporated as Mariel Vandersteel joins the cast with her 8-string Hardanger fiddle, named after a musically vibrant and distinct part of the country. Joining Mick McAuley, Brian, and his wife, Lindsay O’Donovan on vocals will be the lead singer of the acclaimed group Voco, Moira Smiley. Moria will be joined by Scottish singer and star of the PBS special, Highland Heartbeat, Maureen McMullan, as well as Maeve Gilchrist, another accomplished singer.

And then of course, there are the surprises! There are always surprises at Christmas!

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