Construction Crews Descend On Amarillo

Aug 7, 2017


Motorists trying to drive through Amarillo have recently noticed a proliferation of the color orange - orange cones, orange traffic barrels, orange-vested road crews.

As The Amarillo Globe-News reports, the City of Amarillo has been the beneficiary of a wealth of department of transportation funds lately, and the windfall has resulted in infrastructure projects all over the city.

There are currently eight bridges under construction in Amarillo, along with six additional major road projects.

Amarillo commuters will not be pleased to learn that some of the projects won’t be completed until 2019. In total, all of the current and future roadwork projects in Amarillo are worth over $200 million.

TxDOT engineer Randy Hochstein explained, “There’s just a lot more money out there dedicated to improving our infrastructure, and you’re seeing a lot of that right now.”