As DACA Deadline Comes And Goes, Colorado Colleges Back Undocumented Students

Oct 8, 2017


Undocumented students in Colorado are receiving help from colleges and universities so that they won’t drop out of school.

As Colorado Public Radio reports, an estimated 1,100 undocumented college students live in the state. And with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival’s program’s uncertain future, state college presidents said they want students to renew the two-year permits that allow them to work and attend school. 

But reapplying for another two-year DACA work permit is costly – almost $500 – so many public and private colleges in Colorado have offered to cover the cost through private funds.

Thursday was the deadline for many DACA recipients to reapply for the program, which has been in flux since early September, when the Trump administration announced its end. But colleges are reporting that there is still plenty of money available in crisis funds to aid future undocumented students get into DACA - if the program has a future in the hands of Congress.