Dollar for Dollar New Member Match

Apr 2, 2014

Dr. Luther & Ardis Fry of Garden City, KS have issued a dollar for dollar new member match to HPPR listeners.

If you've yet to become a member, help HPPR take full advantage of this challenge, and have your gift doubled by making a pledge here.

New members are key to HPPR's long term stability and growth. They help us to make up for members lost to attrition through relocation and they give us the added strength to take HPPR's service to you and your community to the next level. 

You may have heard us mention the average of one in ten. That's the national average of public radio listeners that take the next step and support public radio. For the past several years, the national average has resulted in HPPR maintaining around 1,700 to 1,900 active members.

This April, we aim to best the national average by not only meeting our monetary goal of $100,000, but by hitting a record of 2,000 active HPPR members.  

Your pledge today will allow us to count you as an active member to HPPR, and help us on our way to sustaining and improving the public radio service you've come to count on.

You can take advantage of Dr. Fry's challenge now by pledging here, calling us at 800-678-7444 during normal hours, or even sending your gift to 210 N. 7th Street Garden City, KS 67846.