Gardner, Sessions Clash On Pot Policy, Column Says Sessions' Move Makes The Law A Roulette Wheel

Jan 10, 2018

Credit CC0 Creative Commons

U.S. Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions continue to disagree about marijuana policy.

As The Denver Post reports, the two met Wednesday and Gardner said Sessions gave no indication that he would re-think his decision last week to reverse the Obama-era Cole Memorandum, which basically left states that legalized marijuana alone.

Gardner plans to pursue a legislative fix since Sessions doesn’t appear to be backing down. An amendment to a budget bill that would prohibit the Department of Justice from spending money on marijuana enforcement in states like Colorado that have legalized pot is one idea that is gaining traction among Colorado lawmakers.

Gardner says it’s a states’ rights decision and has vowed to block Justice Department nominees until there’s some kind of resolution on the marijuana issue.

In a Bloomberg View column Tuesday, Noah Feldman compared Sessions' move to making the law into a roulette game, with luck determining who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t.