High Plains dairy producers attend Lubbock conference

Mar 16, 2014

Credit Kay Ledbetter / Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Over 300 participants attended the High Plains Dairy Conference in Lubbock, Texas.  Most of them were from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado according to a University News release.

Dr. Ellen Jordan is an Agrilife Extension dairy specialist form Dallas.  She coordinated the event.

"Every other year we hold this conference to help our dairy farmers learn the latest information that will help them be more profitable," Jordan said. "They’ve heard about the farm bill and the repercussions on the dairy industry. One speaker talked about the food morality issue; how consumers are trying to influence the way their food is produced and some of the messages being sent to consumers and how those messages are being perceived."

This year’s topics included:  maintaining good employees; mastitis; managing stress, anger, and depression on the farm; the farm bill; food morality; consumer behavior; market conditions; immigration; and the Ogallala Aquifer.

The five states share the aquifer, so topics on water management and conservation were a priority.

"They also heard about different forages that can be grown and the different water uses for those forages, and how alternative forages such as sorghum can be used in their rations and still produce as much milk, but perhaps with less stress on the aquifer," she said.

More details about the conference and topics of discussion can be found online at Ag Web.