K-State releases new wheat workhorse

Aug 19, 2014

Credit kingarthurflour.com

Almost everything changes in 100 years, but some have lasting qualities able to stand the test of time.  Kanred was developed a century ago by Kansas State University, and now a direct descendent; KanMark has just been released according to the High Plains Journal

The new variety’s most desirable trait is its reliability in moderate drought conditions. 

Allan Fritz is a K-State wheat breeder.  He calls KanMark a “workhorse” with remarkably consistent yields even when water is scarce.  He believes the variety will perform well in western and possibly central Kansas, but warns it is moderately susceptible to acidic soil and scab.

KanMark has a two-year irrigated average in western Kansas of 99.4 bushels an acre, and a four-year dryland average of 49.9. 

For more information about KanMark, head on over to the High Plains Journal.