Kansas Election 2014: Wichita Woman Throws Her Hat in the Ring for Governor

Jan 15, 2014

Credit forward-now.com

Jennifer Winn is a Republican and a co-owner of a family landscaping business in Wichita.  She also wants to be the next governor of Kansas according to a recent article in the Wichita Eagle.  

The motivation behind her efforts to seek office is her son. 

Winn is the mother of Kyler Carriker, 22, who faces a charge of first-degree murder in Sedgwick County District Court in connection with an April drug deal that led to the death of Ronald Betts, 33, of Derby.

Winn is frustrated with the court’s treatment of her son.  

Winn said she was an ordinary businessperson who didn’t pay much attention to government until her son’s case “went off like a bomb” in her lap. She said he didn’t kill anyone and that all he did was “tell a friend where he could buy some marijuana.”

Winn is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana.  She blames criminalization of the drug for the lawlessness and danger that accompanies trading in it.

She also supports jury nullification: the legal theory that jurors can acquit a defendant regardless of the law if they believe a conviction is unjust.

Winn has no particular criticism of Brownback for what she says are systemic problems across government – state, local and federal.

“People say ‘Oh, you’re just running to save your son,’” Winn said. “I say ‘No, I’m running to save your son.’”

The rest of the story from The Wichita Eagle can be found here.