Kansas Taps Federal Funds to Fight Zika Threat

Aug 31, 2016

An Aedes aegypti mosquito in the lab at Pinellas County Mosquito Control in Clearwater, Fla.
Credit AP photo

Kansas now has 11 reported cases of Zika, reports The Wichita Eagle. In response to the threat, the state has been drawing upon federal dollars to aid in the battle against the virus.

To date, Kansas has received about $1.2 million to fight the virus, which can cause birth defects when it infects pregnant women.

There is good news, though. As of yet, virus-carrying mosquitoes have not turned up in the Sunflower State. Congress has neglected to expand funding to fight the disease. But that hasn’t stopped the federal government from funneling tens of millions of dollars nationwide toward the effort.

Of the 11 Kansas cases of Zika, only two were seen in south-central Kansas and just one was in the southwest part of the state. All of the cases are travel associated, meaning the patient became infected after traveling to a place with local Zika transmission. Only Miami, Fla., has seen transmission from local mosquitoes.