High Plains History Episode
8:01 pm
Tue January 29, 2013

The Last Reminder of a Thriving Community

Barb Wood shares the story of Ivanhoe, now a ghost town. As you listen, you'll hear the emotion in her voice. As she researched the community, she began to know the people, in a personal way, that worked so hard to make the town thrive. She also discovered family roots that still run through the region.

A trip along the history trail that tells of the settling of the west is littered with the remains of hundreds of ghost towns.  The lives of many of these settlements were very brief, as they boomed when they bet on the tracks of the railroads and then busted as they watched from a distance as the trains pass them by.  One of the largest communities was called Ivanhoe, and was developed between the Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers on what is now U.S. Highway 83.  Today we’ll visit what remains of this once-bustling community – the cemetery.

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