Lawmakers in the Kansas House Delay a Tax Vote

May 3, 2017

House Speaker Ron Ryckman speaking to reporters.

Kansas House leaders have delayed a vote on a tax proposal after some members of the chamber had questions about the bill. The plan would reinstate a third income tax bracket and raise income tax rates. The bill would also reinstate income taxes for thousands of business owners.

Republican House Speaker Ron Ryckman says they delayed the vote because lawmakers still had questions about whether the plan would eliminate a budget deficit.
“If that means taking another three or four hours to come up with that data, we’ll take it," says Ryckman. "We’re just keeping our options open and trying to get the information out to our members so they can make the best decisions for their district."
Ryckman says they’re also in discussions with Democrats. Ryckman says he doubts Governor Sam Brownback would sign the bill, which means they would need a two-thirds majority vote to override a veto.