Lt. Gov. Unveils Vision To Renew Oklahoma

Sep 11, 2017

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Todd Lamb, the current Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma, recently announced his plan to bring positive change to his home state. Lamb, who announced his plans to run for Governor in April, told KSWO that his vision for the state includes five steps.

Those steps are, in the Lt. Gov.’s words, “to reform and restructure state government, education priority, infrastructure, economic diversity and making Oklahoma work again.”

Lamb indicated that he would attempt to change the way money was spent in Oklahoma, in order to lessen the state’s massive budget gap. However, as a staunch conservative, Lamb did not suggest raising taxes. He did, however, say that increasing public school teacher pay was a priority for him.

Todd Lamb is a former Secret Service agent who has served six years in the state senate and two terms as lieutenant governor.