Mark Balette Shares Axis Deer Recipes

Jul 27, 2013


My ole buddy, Mark Balette, and I have been hunting out on Mark’s ranch for axis deer.  We came home with a nice doe.  Tonight, we’re cooking it up.

Both of the recipes I’m sharing are cooked on the grill using a homemade wok Mark made.  He took a 30” plow disc, welded horseshoes handles on, and welded the hole up.  It is a jim dandy cooking apparatus.

Here are Mark’s favorite recipes:

Axis Deer Fajitas

Cut meat into strips

Marinate 2 hours, if possible, in a 5 minute marinade.  (Mark’s favorite is teriyaki.)

Finely dice a few strips of bacon.

Grill meat mixed with bacon, and vegetables as desired.

(You can put your tortillas on the sides of the disc to warm them right before the meat’s done.)

Axis Deer Wraps

Cut the deer meat into pieces.


  • Roll the meat around a piece of cheese
  • Wrap the meat with bacon (like filet mignon)
  • Wrap the meat around a jalapeño

Grill and eat.


If you’d like to have the axis deer experience, Mark’s easy to find.

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