Medicaid enrollment increases in Kansas

Aug 13, 2014


Kansas had 7% increase in Medicaid enrollment, also known as KanCare, between June of 2013 and 2014, despite the fact the state chose not to take advantage of federal funds to expand the program. The increase was also experienced by other states that did not expand Medicaid reported Bryan Lowry for The Wichita Eagle

Scott Brunner is a senior analyst for the Kansas Health Institute.  He says the increased can be attributed to the Affordable Care Act’s insurance mandate.

“One of the things the (federal) marketplace did was screen people for their eligibility for Medicaid,” Brunner says. “That’s what we call the welcome-mat effect or woodwork effect. Just the interest in having health care and people making the attempt to buy it through the marketplace, they’re getting directed in public programs that they’re actually eligible.”

The state had 426,021 people enrolled Medicaid as of June, a jump of more than 28,000 from the previous year.

More about the increase is available from The Wichita Eagle.