One last outing for the Clayton family before school starts

Aug 8, 2014

Howdy Folks!

This week I'm making it short and sweet.  I'm working on a story about shark fishing in the Gulf of Mexico with our old friend, Captain Mike, and I've made the trip into one last family vacation before school starts.  I'm sending pictures for you to enjoy of my grandson, Jack, catching a shark from the pier, and a big one he landed with the help of Captain Mike.

Right now, the kids are over at Schlitterbahn Water Park.  It's great family fun.  Their website is:

One of the places we don't miss as a family is Moody Gardens.  I've sent a couple photos just to give you a taste of the place.  Their website is:

I'll have more stories to tell after this adventure!  If you'd like more info about shark fishing with Captain Mike, his website is: