May 22, 2013

Peony blossoms are one of the favorite offerings at memorial gardens and cemeteries, as well as a popular declaration that spring has sprung and summer is getting into gear.  They take a bit of planning and effort when planting, but with proper precautions and care they can most likely be a part of your memorial day garden for the next fifty years!  If you want to add them to your landscaping layout, plan for a fall planting or division from existing plants, when reddish buds appear at the base of the plant.  Depth is a major issue when planting peonies, as a shallow planting may mean freeze damage, and buds planted too deeply will never bloom.  Look for an area of good sun and drainage, and then plant between one and one-half and two inches deep.  Give them their first year off by removing any buds, in order to allow the plant to put its attention to developing a good root system.  With an annual feeding, adequate water and sunshine, and a little bit of luck your peonies should be prize possessions for years to come.