Sales tax hike won't make it onto Colorado's November ballot

Jun 13, 2017


A sales tax hike to improve Colorado roads will not make it to the ballot in November.

As The Denver Post reports, FixItCO, a coalition pushing for the sales tax hike, made the announcement last week, but the organization is pledging to renew its efforts for the 2018 election.

Tony Milo, executive director of the Colorado Contractors Association and a leading advocates of the initiative told The Denver Post that without that renewed effort, the economy, people’s safety and quality of life would be at risk.

In April, the coalition filed ballot language, which mirrored legislation sponsored earlier this year by top Republican and Democratic lawmakers that would generate $3.5 billion for road and transit projects by increasing statewide sales tax from 2.9 to 3.52 percent.

Supporters of that bill pledged to push it to the ballot but Milo cited two main reasons for the reversal: the cost to collect voter signatures to place the measure on the ballot and legislation approved in the final hours of the session allocating $1.9 billion toward transportation.