In search of better lives, low-income Californians are setting out for Texas

Mar 8, 2017

Credit US Census Bureau / Sacramento Bee

California appears to be sending many of its poorer residents to Texas, while taking in wealthier residents from other states, according to The Sacramento Bee.

In the first fifteen years of this century, California lost more people than it gained. But a closer look at the numbers shows an economic trend: The people leaving the Golden State tended to be poorer, and many lacked college degrees.

Texas was the leading recipient of the low-income migrants, with a total of almost 300,000 economically disadvantaged residents setting out for the Lone Star State since 2005.

Experts believe the low-income migration is a sign of a deeper social problem in California. It’s simply too expensive for these citizens to live on the West Coast. Poor Californians often face long work commutes, and they’re forced to choose between paying for health care or paying their rent.