Squirrels Unlimited

Apr 11, 2013

Squirrel hunting was a big deal when I was growing up in Northeast Texas.  My mother was a great wild game cook.  Crispy fried squirrel and smothered squirrel were a couple of our favorite meals.  Did you know that there is a group dedicated to squirrel hunting?  Squirrels Unlimited.  Yes, I said Squirrels Unlimited, not Ducks.  

Joe Wilson is the president of the organization, and I recently talked with him.  He told me the purpose of S.U. is to get young people out  in the field hunting small game.  They have a website, SquirrelsUnlimited.com, that contains a forum where you can learn all sorts of hunting tips, merchandise, recipes, videos, and articles.  The group also has an annual squirrel cook off that takes place in September in Bentonville, Arkansas.  The competition is being featured right now on the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods.    Next week, Joe and I will share some of those recipes.

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