Texas considers ending vehicle inspection requirement

Mar 14, 2017

Credit KPRC

A Texas lawmaker has introduced a bipartisan measure that would end the requirement for vehicle inspections in the Lone Star State, reports KPRC.

State Sen. Don Huffines of El Paso says Senate Bill 1588 would help drivers save $7 per vehicle across the state.  

Huffines called the state vehicle inspection program a “relic of the past,” pointing to modern technological advances in vehicle design and technology that obviate the need for yearly inspections.

Each year Texans spend a total of nine million hours getting their cars inspected, and this law would free up that time.

“It's clear that [the inspections are] simply a tax on Texans' time and money,” the Senator said.

It’s uncertain, if the measure passes, what systems will remain in place to ensure cars on Texas highways are safe and reliable.