In Texas, Hispanics drive population growth--and economic boom

Jun 25, 2017

Credit Justyna Furmanczyk / Texas Tribune

Texas has been booming since 2010, and new census bureau numbers show that Hispanics account for a major part of that growth.

As The Texas Tribune reports, more than half of Texas’ population increase over the last seven years can be attributed to an expanding Latino presence across the state. Since 2010, the population of Texas has increased by 2.7 million people. And over 1.4 million of those newcomers are Hispanic. At the same time, the state’s white population has grown by fewer than half a million. But the Latino boom doesn’t appear to have wounded the state’s economic fortunes.

According to Forbes magazine, the economic climate in Texas ranks first among states. Texas also boasts the second fastest economic growth, and the Lone Star State has shown the third fastest job growth among all states over the past five years.