Texas Lawmaker Supports Blending Traditional and Online Learning

Aug 26, 2013

Credit spanglishbaby.com

State representative Ken King, R-Canadian, authored a bill to encourage a mixture of online virtual learning and traditional classroom learning reported The Texas Tribune.  King said he added language limiting the number of tuition-free online classes students can take to three per year because of concerns that the legislation might lead to more full-time online schools in the state.

“I was catching some pressure about, ‘Well, it can be perceived that you are trying to open the door for more full-time virtual schools,’” he said, adding that the bill’s intent was to create academic opportunities for students in rural public schools, not to have more “kids sitting on their couch at home taking online classes.”

The number of full-time online schools will double in the coming school year, despite historically poor performances in meeting state accountability standards.