Texas Libertarian Convention: Being small has its advantages

Apr 21, 2014

Chairman Pat Dixon presiding at the Libertarian Party of Texas state convention in Temple on April 12, 2014.
Credit Ross Ramsey / The Texas Tribune

The Texas Libertarian Party recently held its convention in Temple to nominate statewide candidates.  With fewer votes than it takes to get on the vestry of a church, November nominees were chosen.  But, there are advantages to being a small group reported The Texas Tribune.

  • Every vote does count.  219 delegates attended the convention.  216 received ballots.  109 votes were all it took to get on the November ballot.
  • The delegates chum through rules and argue over ballots in a way that puts personal back into a political process that today plays out in commercials, mailers, and neighborhood canvassing.
  • Libertarians meet, argue, vote, and go live with the results. 
  • Their convention operates as a decision-making machine to send candidates to the general public.


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