Texas Panhandle Communities: Weather Warning Systems

Jul 8, 2013

  While communities in the Texas Panhandle work to improve severe weather warning systems and equipment, experts say the best plan is your own.  

The Amarillo Globe reports:

  • Lubbock is developing a system for tornado warnings.
  • Amarillo is working at upgrading and expanding sirens.  
  • Hereford upgraded its control system and sirens five years ago.
  • Dumas is upgrading sirens with battery back up in the incidence of power loss.
  • Canyon has seven sirens inside city limits, tested once a month.

Timing, capacity, availability, and expense make community shelters difficult.    

Kevin Starbuck is the Emergency Manager for Amarillo, Potter, and Randall counties.  He says it is never a good idea to take shelter under an overpass.  “If a tornado passes over, the overpass acts as a vortex and increases the wind speed and debris in the area,” said Starbuck.