Texas Senate passes bill that could make vehicle inspections a thing of the past

May 7, 2017

Credit Yi-Chin Li / Houston Chronicle

Texans may soon no longer be required to get their vehicles inspected, reports The Houston Chronicle.

State lawmakers last week approved Senate Bill 1588, which would ensure that annual state safety inspections are no longer required for all personal vehicles. Commercial vehicles would still need to be inspected, however, and some cars in urban areas with smog problems will still need to pass emissions tests.

In order to become law, the bill must first be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by Gov. Abbott.

The bill was authored by State Sen. Don Huffines, a Dallas from Republican. He said the inspections had no proven safety benefits for drivers, and the law will save Texans $130 million per year. He also noted the time that will be saved each year by Texans who will no longer have to go get their cars inspected.

Democrats in the legislature expressed concerns that the law will result in dangerous cars and an increase in traffic fatalities.