Texas teachers alarmed by new bill aimed at unions

Feb 15, 2017

Teachers speak out against Senate Bill 13 at the Texas Capitol.
Credit KXAN

Educators in Texas are crying foul over a new legislative bill that they say unfairly harms teachers.

As KXAN reports, the bill would make it illegal for unions to automatically withdraw dues from teacher payrolls. The legislation is being proposed by Sen. Joan Huffman, a Republican from Houston.

This week a large number of educators showed up at a meeting of the the Senate Committee on State Affairs. The teachers gave testimony against the legislation  for over three hours.

The critics noted that police and firefighters’ unions are exempt from the bill. They see this as evidence that the law is aimed specifically at killing unions in Texas.

Supporters of the bill think the state should be separated from any teacher union due transactions.

Opponents say automatic deductions are the quickest and easiest way to gather the dues.