Wingbone Player

Mar 7, 2013

Cleon P Carraway with His Wingbone Turkey Call

We've spent some time getting to know Cleon P. Carraway over the past couple weeks.  Today, I talked with Cleon about the first call he developed- the wingbone turkey call. 

Cleon was motivated by two factors.  The first being that using a wingbone is difficult, and second, you had to have a turkey wingbone to make the call.  He began experimenting with a variety of materials to substitue for the bone, finally settling on one that gave him the sound he was looking for.  He also developed an outer shell that holds the wingbone in place while it quivers in addition to acting as a resonate chamber.  That development allowed Cleon to patent his invention. 

There are some distinct advantages to Cleon's call.   It is designed to use with one hand, is extremely easy to use, is light, and there isn't any maintenance.  You can use this call rain or shine, which is a distinct advantage over a box call.   

If you take a listen, you'll hear Cleon making the sounds of a turkey perfectly.  With spring on the way, hearing these sounds gives me turkey fever.  Click here to learn more about Cleon's turkey call, or his phone number is: 281-573-1918.  

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