cattle market

8:01 pm
Thu June 19, 2014

Cattle move north for water

After years of drought, the central and northern Plains have seen a rise in cattle feedlots.
Credit Jeremy Bernfeld/Harvest Public Media

The U.S. cattle herd has changed dramatically over the last four years, largely thanks to drought.

The supply of beef has been in free-fall. Perhaps you’ve noticed sky-high prices for hamburger and steak.

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Beef & Drought
8:01 pm
Sun June 15, 2014

Drought re-shaping the cattle map

Cattle come to Van Housen Feed Yard to be fattened up before heading to one of the nearby meat packing plants. Drought in beef states like Texas and Oklahoma has led to growth feedlots in Nebraska.
Credit Grant Gerlock/Harvest Public Media

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Drought is re-shaping the beef map and raising the price of steak. Ranchers are moving herds from California to Colorado and from Texas to Nebraska seeking refuge from dry weather. And cattle producers in the Midwest are making the most of it.

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8:00 pm
Sun January 19, 2014

Expert Worries Current Conditions Will Destroy Oklahoma’s Cattle Market


Oklahoma ranks number five in the nation when it comes to the number of cattle, but years of drought and high market prices are fueling a sell-off, and experts worry that the $4.5 billion dollar industry is in a downward spiral that will be difficult to recover from according to an article from StateImpact Oklahoma.

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