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This year has seen the strangest election that most of us can recall. But, as the BBC has found, U.S. elections are just strange, in general.

Here are a few ways that our friends across the pond have found us to be a little odd when it comes to choosing our leaders.

Many of us are going to want to have a drink tomorrow when it’s all over. But for some folks in Indiana, that won’t be easy. Eighteen cities and seven counties in Indiana have banned the sale of booze on election day.

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This week, rumors of “vote switching” ran rampant across the Lone Star State. Stories were traded on the internet about how voters were going to the polls, only to see their selections switched to candidates from the opposing party.

Some of the most prominent reports came from Canyon, the seat of Randall County. The reports prompted the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to investigate.

The verdict? No, Texas’ machines aren’t switching votes.

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If you’re planning to vote on election day, it might be best to leave your phone in your car—especially if you’re in the habit of taking frequent selfies.

Texas law prohibits photography within 100 feet of a polling place, The Huffington Post reports.

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The presidential election is four weeks from today. If you’re planning to vote in Oklahoma and haven’t yet registered, there’s still time.

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It’s twenty-nine days until election day., and there's still time to register.

As The Denver Post notes, County clerks in Colorado will begin mailing out three million ballots on Oct. 17. Every registered voter in Colorado should receive one. After you receive your ballot, you’ll need to return it before seven p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday November 8. Therefore, it’s important to update your registration in order to ensure your ballot arrives at your current addresses.

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If you live in Kansas and you’re planning to switch your party affiliation and vote in the August 2nd primary election, you’d better hurry. The Hutchinson News reports that the deadline for Kansas voters to change political party affiliation comes earlier than ever this year. Those who wish to switch must do so before noon on Wednesday, June 1.

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In regional news, a controversial Texas law is getting another look from a federal court, reports The Texas Tribune. The case involves a law requiring voters to show a photo ID at the polling place. Six months ago a three-judge appeals court panel ruled the law violated the Voting Rights Act. Now the full U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals plans to take up the case.

New polling locations in the Oklahoma Panhandle

Sep 10, 2014

Secretary of the Texas County Election Board, Glenda L. Williams, announced there are new polling locations for Texas County, Oklahoma.

  Kansas and Arizona

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, and Ken Bennett, Arizona Secretary of State, are joining forces to save laws requiring proof of citizenship when registering to vote reported the Wichita Eagle